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m0bridge Mercedes and BMW F Series News


The mObridge DA2 is now compatible with the latest Mercedes NTG2.5, NTG4.0 and NTG4.5 systems from the 1.5.7 software onwards, using this pre-amplifier unit will enable the use of a aftermarket audio amplifier. Enabling the audio signal from the Mercedes MOST (optical systems) to be sent directly to the mObridge DA2 pre-amplifier it is then [...]

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mObridge pre-amps for Mercedes


mObridge DA1 (da1000) and DA2 (Da2000) MOST pre-amps are now working with Mercedes 2.5 systems, this will give you FULL conversion via MOST to Tosklink or RCA pre-outs, a great way (and the only way) to get perfect sound quality when adding aftermarket amplifiers and audio upgrades to the original MERC comand systems. Buy the [...]

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