Media and Bluetooth Smartphone Connectivity Kits for Audi


mObridge supports late model Audi equipped with the MOST® bus. Below you will find some Audi specific information on the mObridge products.

Supported Audi models

Application Guide containing more details on mObridge support for Audi. (For Vehicle System Compatibilities for each product please refer to pages 23-29 of this guide).

Other vehicles maybe compatible as products are constantly updated, please call for further details.

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Audi installation galleries

Audi with mObridge Audio

Audi with mObridge Bluetooth

Audi videos

mObridge iPod System fitted in Audi controlled via MMI

mObridge units will have full integration with the original manufacturers controls including those on the steering wheel AND on the audio system.

Some cars require coding which we can do in house or we can help find you a local diagnostic specialist.

mObridge bluetooth kit telephone browsing in an Audi A8

Selecting A2DP and iPod audio sources in a Audi A8 with mObridge bluetooth

Using a mObridge iPod kit installed in an Audi A8

Lock and unlock iPod using mObridge iPod kit in an Audi A8

Other supported vehicles