mObridge MOST150 Mercedes Amp

mObridge MOST150 Mercedes Amp

The mObridge MOST150 amplifier provides seamless integration with your MOST150 infotainment system to enhance your vehicles listening experience.

Powered by a Blackfin DSP, the mObridge MOST150 amplifier provides 8.1.1 channels of advanced DSP and amplification for unprecedented control over your listening experience.

Harness the power of the DSP by using the USB connection to connect it to the mObridge DSP user interface for online firmware updates, full configuration and customization of the audio processing including channel mapping, parametric EQ, crossovers, channel filters, time-alignment, master/channel gain control, and many other features.

The mObridge MOST150 amplifier is a complete DSP and amplifier solution, with advanced DSP algorithms and 8.1 channel amplification. If only DSP processing is required without amplification, the DA-G2 MOST150 Mercedes series of products can be used.

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The mObridge MOST150 Amplifier has been specifically designed for MOST150 audio systems to interface seamlessly into the vehicle bus network for unprecedented control and audio reproduction.

Blackfin DSP

The heart of the device is a 533MHz Blackfin Digital Signal Processor (DSP). With it, the mObridge MOST150 amplifier is capable of concurrently running advanced DSP algorithms on all 8.1 channels. It provides full access to channel mapping, channel summing, parametric crossovers, a 1024 point graphic equalizer, channel high/low/band-pass filters, phase inversion, time alignment, master/channel gain control, centre channel upmixing algorithms, in-vehicle preset control, and many other features.

8.1 Channel Amplification with Additional Subwoofer Pre-out

The mObridge A2B amplifier features 8x full-range outputs and a dedicated subwoofer channel:

  • 6x 175W Channels
  • 2x 500W Channels
  • 1x 500W Subwoofer Channel (or 1000W @ 2 Ohms)

An additional subwoofer pre-out give a 4v RMS output to give you the flexibility to add a second powered subwoofer to enhance your audio experience further.

Note: All channel power ratings are peak values at 4 Ohms unless specified otherwise.

Seamless Integration

The mObridge MOST150 amplifier interfaces seamlessly with the controls of the vehicle. Volume, fade, balance, bass, and treble remain completely controllable via the existing vehicle controls, and all factory audio such as parking sensors, navigation, voice, and telephone are integrated to behave exactly as per the original system. This means that unlike other integration options, there is no need for mounting of any additional controls inside the vehicle. The vehicle will look and feel stock, with exceptional audio quality.

mObridge DSP User Interface

The mObridge MOST150 amplifier utilizes the mObridge DSP desktop application for Windows/macOS to harness the full potential of the DSP. The application is also able to provide automatic online firmware updates.


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