New mObridge M2 media control


New mObridge M2 media control due for release very soon. The mObridge M2 will give you full bluetooth and media control for Audi and VW cars, full iPOD and USB integration with iPhone and Android APP to show cars diagnostics on the screen of your smartphone. Full A2DP streaming and full integration with the cars [...]

New mObridge M2 media control2016-09-06T18:15:26+01:00

A totally new revolutionary amplifier


mObridge in conjunction with INDICE Audio are working on a totally new revolutionary amplifier (MIDSP5). This unit is a boosted Asynchronous modulated amplifier which has a very small foot print and totally rewrites the way any car amplifier has ever been made or designed. Full DSP control and adjustment, high efficiency and no distortion. AS [...]

A totally new revolutionary amplifier2016-09-06T18:18:28+01:00

Samsung galaxy S2 pairing problems


This PDF application note provides workarounds for common problems seen with Android phones View PDF

Samsung galaxy S2 pairing problems2016-09-07T10:14:01+01:00


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